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Seamless-Communications - your access to the future of business communications.

When Unified Communications is the Goal, Seamless-Communications is the Solution!




Business phone solutions leveraging powerful SIP / UC Services including Hosted PBX and SIP Trunks.  

S Seamless-Communications Hosted PBX operates on a proven commercial platform, enhanced with a powerful selection of apps, 3CX PBX  and SIP Trunking that saves you money, anywhere from 40% to 80% in phone costs.  

Seamless-Communications SIP Server delivers blended trunks or dedicated trunks to your on premise, hosted or private hosted phone system.  Give us a call to find out why our blended trunks beat the others. 

Improved communications with your customers and vendors, with our powerful desktop and mobile apps you never miss that important call.  Perhaps you are unable to take a particular call, no problem, redirect it on the fly to voicemail, a co-worker or a call queue, all from your desk phone, or smartphone app on your android, IOS or Windows Desktop. 

Fax to email, Email to fax, WebRTC, Conference Bridges, WebMeetings, chat these are just a few of the available features with our Unified Communications offerings from Seamless-Communications and systems.

We have been delivering productivity enhancing SIP Trunks and IPBX systems for over 16 years as resellers of other companies services and products. 

With the addition of our Seamless-Communications hosted platform and SIP Servers we deliver a better overall product with a better value to our end users.  Looking for 3CX? visit our dedicated 3CX site delivering Products and services including hosting services for your 3CX system.

More often than not, the savings realized from moving from existing old traditional dial tone to SIP Trunks pays for the new PBX in a matter of months.

Give us a call to find out how much your savings could be.  813-527-0180